Essay on Unemployment, poverty and social welfare policy

There is, no one theoretical explanation for unemployment, poverty and social welfare policy. The existence of different theoretical perspectives about unemployment, poverty and social welfare policy requires that some schematic framework be used with which to organize the different theories.
In developing a framework it is worthwhile to chart historically the changing meanings of the words pauper and poor, for that process extricates the principal divisions between the different theories. In Pre-Elizabethan times, religious Canon Law stressed the innocence of poverty. There was no attribution made that the destitute were morally inadequate.
For the wealthy “Those who were blessed not with poverty but with riches had the sacred duty of charity, the obligation to sustain the holy poor and to relieve the misery of the unholy”. Under the emerging mercantile system and the results of land enclosure, however, the conception of poverty became largely secularized, and the labor organization of England came to be regulated within the Poor Law and the Statute of Artificers. The gentlemen of England judged all persons as poor if they did not have an income that could keep them in leisure. Poor was synonymous with what was known as the “common people” and the common people were made up of all but the landed classes. Unemployment, poverty and social welfare policy during the late twentieth century, are topics that have received some attention within the social work literature.
During the late 1970s and early 1980s, social service theorists still viewed capitalism as national capitalism contained within the nation-state. Cutbacks in expenditures or demands for welfare programming funding and services were viewed as a problem inherent in business cycles of capitalism, and its creation of unemployment, inflation and later stagflation.
Cutbacks in spending were to ease inflation and bolster the private sector. Further, social policy within each nation-state was thought to be able to regulate some of the effects of poverty and unemployment. Other commentators considered the changing relationship between the welfare state and program support/funding, as the preeminence of what they referred to as neoconservatism.

Essay on Premarital Sex

The concept of premarital sex being appropriate differs from culture to culture. Religion also plays a very important role in determining whether premarital sex is legal or not. In some countries, premarital sex is a heinous crime and individuals who engage in such acts are heavily penalized. In some cases, they are also killed as a law of the government. Premarital sex is the act of indulging in sexual activity prior to marriage. Marriage in some cultures is necessary to involve in sexual act. In some cultures engaging in sexual activity before marriage is punishable by law. In this article, our main topic of discussion will be whether premarital sex is appropriate or not. Please continue reading to find out more information. (more…)

Essay on Social Anxiety Disorder

Essay on Social Anxiety Disorder

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Social anxiety disorder is a serious mental disorder where a person avoids socializing with others. A person suffering from this disorder experiences extreme shyness around people. They are so obsessed with getting embarrassed in social situations that they avoid all types of social gatherings. Their life is very limited as they do not have any social contacts. They prefer staying indoors most of the time because they fear of being judged and evaluated by others. It is a serious disorder and there must be some sort of medical intervention in order to relieve the symptoms of this disorder. In this article, we will further discuss social anxiety disorder and how it can be treated seeking professional help. (more…)

Essay on Social Anxiety Disorder

Writing Quality Essays

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Essay writing is indeed a difficult task because it consists of conducting thorough research, determining the authenticity of material gathered through research and writing with coherence and in a structured manner. There are many students in high school and college who simply dread the ideas of writing essays but they do not have any other choice. Essay writing is inevitable and there is no student who can get through academia without writing essays as per the required standards. The purpose of this article is to provide you some useful tips as to guide you to write essays. Below are some very useful tips for you to consider. (more…)

How to Avoid Procrastination When Writing Essays?

How to Avoid Procrastination When Writing Essays?

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College life and procrastination go hand in hand for most of the students. Since students really hate writing long and difficult essays they tend to procrastinate most of the time. Procrastination is the act of delaying a particular task to be done some other time. It is not just about essays but anything that you delay to be done some other time is called procrastination. It can be very dangerous because it can cause harm to you in terms of delayed submissions of your homework. It can cost you grade and even the degree if it becomes dominant in your life. Procrastination is also sort of an addiction and you also become habitual to it if you practice it too much. What normally happens is when you get an essay to write and you have around five days to submit it you think you have plenty of time and you will be able to do it. (more…)

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