Bullying and School Violence

Bullying and School Violence

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Over 6 million boys and 4 million girls are involved in bullying or violence every year on school grounds. Many are physically threatened while a huge number of students are also robbed. Bullying has become a very demanding topic today. It has been in the news and the topic of talk shows recently. The problem has been around for a long time, but it has only been lately that we have become watchful enough to do something about it. Mental and physical signs for parents to look for to find out if their child is being bullied include: Cuts, bruises, torn clothing, headaches and or stomach pains before it’s time to go to school, or a disinclination to go to school, poor appetites, poor grades, decline or withdrawal from usual activities, anxiety, not many friends, always loses money, depression, fear, anger, nervousness, and relates healthier to adults and teachers than children. (more…)

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