Types of Plagiarisms in Academic Assignments

Plagiarism is an illegal practice of stealing someone else’s ideas and presenting them as one’s own. Plagiarism is a serious crime in the academic world and can have negative consequences if caught. Since plagiarism is not something physical i.e. physically stealing someone’s belongings it is hard to trace sometimes. It is the theft of intellectual property for one’s own benefits. This article will help you identify the most common types of plagiarism being practiced by students when writing term papers, research papers, essays and book reports. Following is some useful information on plagiarism to be able to have increased awareness about plagiarism.

Intentional Plagiarism

Intentional plagiarism consists of deliberately stealing someone else’s literary work or idea. It can be in the form of a copy pasted material from a particular website and even paraphrased work. Though paraphrasing is not exact copy pasted material as it is the theft of an idea or ideas of someone else’s literary work by changing the wording and sentences but it is still considered as intentional plagiarism as one may have used someone else’s ideas in the form of changed wordings.

Unintentional Plagiarism

Unintentional plagiarism consists of using someone else’s ideas or quotes without even realizing that the work is being plagiarized. It is coincidental due to one’s inability to cite sources when writing term papers, research papers, research reports or essays. Inability to give credit to the original author by not using various formatting styles such as the APA, MLA or Harvard is considered as unintentional plagiarism and can have same consequences as intentional plagiarism.

Having increased awareness about plagiarism is a key to writing term papers, research papers and essays otherwise the consequences can be far more harmful to one’s academic career.

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