Equine Nutrition Essay

Equine Nutrition Essay

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The horse, like any other living thing has a digestive system of its own. The digestive system of the horse consists of a stomach, cecum, small intestines, small and large colons, anus and the rectum. The stomach of the horse, in comparison to its size is quite small. An average horse‚Äôs stomach has the capability of holding up to 2 gallons. This could be seen as one of the reasons why a horse may eat frequently but small proportions. Once the food is in the stomach, it then goes into the small intestine which is the main place where digestion occurs. The small intestine then empties its contents into the cecum which is one of the organs making up the large intestine. Along with the cecum, the large colon also makes up the large intestine. In the large intestine, digestion is then aided by protozoa and bacteria (arg.gov.sk.ca) (more…)

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