Small Sacrifices: Essay

Small Sacrifices: Essay

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During the late evening hours in May of 1983, Diane Downs hurried into Springfield Oregon hospital with her three children all of whom had been shot. Diane Downs herself was shot in the arm. Two of the children died because of the event and the third child was crippled for life. Diane Downs stated that an unidentified male on a country road just outside of town shot them. At first, the police took Downs’ story at face value. The night of the occurrence, they combed the area for a suspect. Few months after the event of Diane Downs were interviewed on a local television news program. Months later the police investigation pointed to Diane Downs as the prime suspect. She was finally charged with the murder of her children. Downs was tried and convicted of massacre her two children and shooting the other. The famous true mystery writer Ann Rule wrote a book about this crime called “Small Sacrifices”. (more…)

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