Collection of Qur’an

Collection of Qur’an

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To many Western readers, the Qur’an appears to be disjointed and superfluous, with no rational sequence or order. Muslims have responded to this with a range of proposals. Seyyed Hossein Nasr offers a religious explanation when he declares that [the] text of the Quran reveals human language crushed by the power of the Divine Word.[1] He argues that in the Qur’an, the infirmity of human language is exhibited as it becomes the receiver of divine revelation.[2] Others contend that the oral nature of the Qur’an explains its evident disjointedness. That is since the Qur’an is intended for oral recitation, its topics are repeated all through as self-reinforcing assertions. John Esposito says that this format enables a believer to simply open the text at random and start reciting at the beginning of any paragraph. . . [3] (more…)

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