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A summary essay is a summarized form of a piece of writing or a book. In other words, a summary essay is a short piece of writing of a novel, an article or a book. A summary essay consists of the ideas and point of views of the original author with changed sentences and phrases. This article provides some easy tips to write summary essays. To learn to write a summary essay keep reading the article.

Find Text

Look for a book or a magazine. Make sure you are already familiar with the topic as it will help you understand the text more easily and then summarizing the essay later. If you read something that is difficult to follow conceptually than writing a summary essay will become very boring and difficult.

Analyze the Text

Once you have a book or magazine, thoroughly read and analyze the text. Find the purpose of the text, the author’s name, personal opinions of the author, hypothesis, the structure and organization of paragraphs and sentences.

Start Summarizing

Highlight the text you intend to summarize. Make notes in your own words and do not copy it from the text as it is. Summarize the text in your own words in chronological order i.e. follow the pattern of the author. Avoid giving your own personal views. In summary essays, you have to remain neutral and reflect with what the author has written in the text.

Once you have the summary begin to write the essay. Write the introduction first then the main body and a conclusion in the last.

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