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The historians say that one reason why Israelis refuse to see themselves as the oppressors is that they do not want to give up their status as victims. In an interview with to the Middle East Report, revisionist historian Avi Shlaim says,

“The Israelis would never concede to the Palestinians the status of victims, this they insist on keeping for themselves. One example of this is the case of the 1948 refugees, which Benny Morris demonstrated was the result of Israeli pressure and outright expulsions. And yet no Israeli leader would ever accept the moral responsibility, let alone the political responsibility, for creating the refugee problem. They wouldn’t even accept a share of the moral responsibility for this problem. Ehud Barak at Camp David wasn’t asked to accept the right of return for refugees. He was asked to accept that Israel bear merely a part of the moral responsibility for this problem, which would then be tackled by the international community. And he refused. Israelis have a certain collective memory, which is reflected in the old history of this conflict: Israel is in the right, Israel is pure, the Arabs are wrong.” (Shalaim Interview)

The Zionist lobbies in the US and many western countries organize the levers of power and they keep Israel’s interests above those of their countries’. It is well known that it is American economic and military support that has made Israel into the region’s strongest military power. That is why when Israel bombs Palestinian homes and kills innocent men, women, and children, the majority Arabs and Muslims tend to see America as an assistant in these crimes. Since the formation of the Jewish state on May 14, 1948, the United States and Israel have upheld very strong ties.  (Spiegel 309) Israel owes its very survival in large part to the efforts of the United States.  Traditionally, Israel has been looked upon as a concrete friend and ally in a very turbulent region of the world.  A great amount of aid, especially military and economic, has been given to the state.

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