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When a suppressed nation decides to take up action in order to achieve its freedom, many issues are raised, for, such actions do not affect only the conquered and the conquerors but they have an enormous impact on all neighbor nations.

War is such a terrible thing that it is often asked whether any cause is important enough to justify it. There are instances in which it seems impossible to avoid it, as when a civilized state is attacked by barbarous tribes; but too frequently war is a greater evil than the wrong that it is meant to redress. When great nations go to war the reason of their quarrel is probably not even understood by nine out of ten of the combatants, and if they were asked individually, “do you or do you not want to fight this country? They would answer no. Perhaps the war is the decision which of the two countries shall own and govern a certain strip of the earth’s surface; or again, it may be willfully brought about by statesmen, in order to draw away attention from difficulties in his own country which he cannot settle. But in all cases, the reason given by each of the countries is that they are fighting for their rights, and the victors always declare that they have vindicated their rights. And what this really means is that the world acts upon the principle that “might is right”.

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