Unifying Global Operations

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The article Unifying Global Operations is an account of New Zealand’s dairy giant Fronterra and a move to unify its global operation under one head. Gregg James was a representative in Europe for New Zealand’s dairy board, when James was hired as the head of a unifying program by the name of Jedi which would change the way the dairy giant did business from a commodity approach to ERP program. This according to the article was the single global way of doing things.

The change in Fonterra was on a massive scale as all the operation in 70 countries and with thousands of employees was revolutionized under one single head. According to James, it would be New Zealand’s biggest company if it were to be listed on the stock exchange. While working in Jedi James was asked to head global business processes, this was done to unify all the dairy processes under one controlling unit, before that each operation was managed separately. When the original CIO left to take control of another department, James was also asked to fill in the role of CIO.

Jedi has been able to standardize the whole business and all over the world, the organization’s business is done in a similar way. And this is controlled from Auckland’s service center which manages the whole inquiry from the world over. And this new system has helped in retaining people.

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