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The first step in treatment is the woman’s willingness to realize and admit that she is a victim of marital rape. Second, a woman should seek medical help and third, a woman should seek counseling.

Because until recently the subject of marital rape was not discussed, many rape crisis centers and domestic violence shelters do not have specific services for victims of wife rape (Mahoney).

Criminal Justice and Rape Organizations Response to Marital Rape

It has only been since 1976 that marital rape became a crime in the United States, because of the marital exemption provided in the rape laws. Prior to 1976, the laws, both common and legislative, exempted men from rape cases if the victim happened to be his wife. Now the criminal codes vary from state to state. Not only is marital rape considered a criminal offense, women may sue for pain and suffering, medical and other related costs that occurred as a result of sexual battery (Mahoney).

Prosecution for marital rape is difficult. As previously mentioned, it is not understood and when charges are brought it is difficult to prove. Furthermore, the a 2000 U.S. Department of Justice Report, shows that one-fifth of all marital rapes are not reported to the police (7). Criminal prosecution is rare. According to the report, only 7.5 percent of husbands who rape their wives are prosecuted. Of these 7.5 percent, less than one-half are convicted of a crime. It is also unclear the percentage of men convicted of marital rape, because of the ambiguity of the charges, i.e. many marital rape charges also include other charges and some are classified as misdemeanors, while others are classified as felonies (58).

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