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Atheism is a philosophy which supports the view that God or gods don’t exist. It rejects Theism and it is the denying the presence of any deity. Those who are atheist are considered to be irreligious.  Atheists are skeptical of supernatural and divine and point to the lack of evidence to support the gods. Atheism is a negative label that was applied to a person whose belief was in conflict with the traditional religion.

Agnosticism is a word derived from Greek which means that the truth value of certain religious things like afterlife, metaphysics and God or gods. And these things are unknown because of the subjectivity of individual experience. The Agnostics believe that it is not possible to have absolute knowledge of God and agnostics are put in the same category as the atheists.  This term was introduced by Thomas Henry Huxley in 1869 to describe his philosophy.

Deism is a philosophical movement that became famous in a seventeenth and eighteenth century in England France and the United States. Deism is different from because in it people believe that God does not interfere in human’s life and the laws of the universe. Those who follow this philosophy reject supernatural events and also a divine revelation and believe in human reason and features of the natural world. The term Deist was used in Pierre Viret’s Instruction Chrestienne

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