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Give brief background information about your client:

The client is a 39-year-old, white female. She is married to a 47-year-old white male. They have one daughter who is five years old.

The client went to high school in Saint Clair Shores, Michigan. After high school, she attended a local community college for two years as she was unsure about the degree she wanted to pursue. She later decided to go to Michigan State University to earn her degree in advertising.

Kathleen, the client, comes from a middle-class family. She has two sisters, one is older and the other younger. Both sisters reside in Michigan close to their parents. The client’s father worked in a management position with General Motors in Troy, Michigan. He is now retired at the age of 62. The client’s mother is 59 and currently teaching at a local high school where all of her daughters attended. Both parents also went to Michigan State University.

The client’s presenting problem

DSM diagnosis:

Axis I: Depressive Disorder (principle diagnosis) 296 2x single episode

300.02       General Anxiety Disorder

Axis IV: Psychosocial and environmental problems

Problems with primary support group

Occupational problems

GAF = 70

The presenting problem is that the client has recently discovered that her husband is having an affair with someone whom he works with. She is afraid of what will happen if she confronts him with the affair. The client is feeling anxious about the future, (e.g. what will happen to her and their daughter, as well as how she will support them if the situation leads to a divorce).

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