Teaching and the Power Associated with it: Essay

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To provide the means of attaining knowledge is the best type of benefit man has been conferred with (John Quincy Adams).

I have never questioned myself as to what profession I wanted to pursue when I grow up. Ever since I was a little kid, I knew that teaching was all I wanted to do. Even after having had long days of school, I would come home to play ‘school’ with the children who lived in my neighborhood. I always had a desire of wanting to help others learn and do well and I always took pleasure in teaching them. Even today, I teach and help others. At the moment, I am coaching the girl’s basketball team for 7th and 8th grade. I am continuously coming up with ways to help each of them be better at their game. From the experiences I have had in the past, I know that even in the future, teaching is what I wish to pursue. In my opinion, the purpose which education has in the world today is to prepare people for the future. Each day we see the world changing and developing to a more technologically advanced place. In order to understand the concepts which are coming up on a daily basis, we need education. It is only through education that one can lead a life which is successful and fulfilling. The purpose of giving each child the opportunity to become educated is..

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