Why Students turn to Drugs and Alcohol?

It has been a trend among high school and college students to take heavy doses of cheap alcohol and various drugs. In the United States there are many students who feel unable to cope with increasing academic stressors and other challenges of life and as a result, they turn to heavy alcohol consumption and use of drugs excessively. The apparent transition from dependence to being independent along with other social pressures and academic stress leaves no other choice for the students and they turn to drugs and alcohol as supportive means. This article provides some other reasons that why younger students turn to these bad habits and what measures can be taken to prevent them from becoming a complete drug and alcohol addict. Read below to learn more.


As students at these academic levels are still immature and lack the ability to think and decide what is good or bad for them they fall prey to taking drugs and alcohol. They do it as a way of escape from their major responsibilities. Drugs and alcohol help them to remain ignorant and cope with increasing stress. They may do it to keep daily life stressors and problems at bay.

Graduate Schools

Among the students in graduate schools the trend of taking drugs is comparatively lower than colleges and high schools but in terms of alcohol consumption, they stand on similar grounds.

Married Students

It has been seen that those students who are married raising a child or children are less likely to engage in the use of drug and alcohol due to increased responsibilities of not only attending college or graduate school but also raising a family at the same time.

Prevention Measures

The best way to lower the risk of students indulging in such kind of activities is to have support plans and counseling methods for these students to be able to adapt in a better way to the new challenges and academic pressures of the new life of college and graduate school.

Students can take part in other interesting activities while studying in college or graduate school to have leisure time and decrease academic stress.

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