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Technology is developing a tremendous phase, and even though there have been some downturns in computer-related markets, however, the importance of information technology and its management cannot be denied. Computers and information technology have become a part of the economic and social lives. I have always been fascinated by the management of information, its storage, retrieval, and processing, have always led me to search for more relevant answers, and its application in different work areas and fields.

I have a bachelor’s degree in computer sciences. And since starting my undergraduate studies, my objective was to do my masters in this field as well, to enhance my understanding of this field and to get a deeper look into the working of computer science, specifically database management. The desire to have a master’s degree is a part of my long-term objectives that I have planned for my academic and my professional career: the plan to achieve them is in two stages:

First, through getting a more specific and comprehensive knowledge of the field that I am interested in, to be at the top in my field, and also because a bachelors degree is more like a foundation of education, however, there is always a need to build up more on it. That is why a master’s degree is necessary, particularly in computer science.

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