Spain Rules the FIFA World Cup 2010

Who would have thought two months back that Spain, which has been one of low achieving teams ever since the inception of FIFA World Cup, will eventually win the 2010 World Cup beating three times unlucky finalists the Netherlands? The match being played in Johannesburg, South Africa for the first time in the history lasted more than the usual 90 minute time because each side was not able to score a goal. Both teams were given an extra time to score a goal in which Spain made the first lethal move and eventually scored a goal to the bag they’re first ever FIFA World Cup win in several outings.

The Netherlands, on the other hand, was once again left grieving on their misfortune for the third time. Andres Iniesta became the man for Spain who scored a memorable goal that he will remember for the rest of his life. The FIFA World Cup 2010 success made Spain the 8th nation in the world to hold the World Cup and third team in the history to have won the European championships and the FIFA World Cup at the same time. The first country to achieve this feat was West Germany in 1974 and France became the second nation to do so in 1998. Chances for winning the 2010 FIFA World Cup seemed meager for Spain as they lost their first-round match against Switzerland. However, Spain became the first ever football team to win the World Cup after the poor display in the first round.

According to some great sportspersons in Spain such as Rafael Nadal of tennis, ‘such a feat is very unlikely to be repeated in the near future as it is the most difficult thing with so many quality football teams competing at a very high level’. However, for the time being, who cares about the future and Spain should live and enjoy every moment of this remarkable achievement.

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