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Explain the process by which we learn patriotism.

Patriotism is generally defined as love or devotion to one’s country. This frequently entails an enthusiastic, occasionally absolute service to one’s country home and people. Nationalism is the idea of belonging to a set unified by shared linguistic, ethnic, and past ties and is recognized as a specific country.

Patriotism is to some extent is learned or adopted through education. Education spreads ideas. It conveys motivation and power, also. Patriotism should not be taught but absorbed. And usually, that is how people become patriotic when they realize what they have achieved and how living in one place or even different places but, where a person has permanent residence the patriotic spirit does rise in the individual. A lot of people, Americans, it seems, link patriotism entirely with war. A legitimate war for the security of one’s land and our people naturally deserves support.

Nowadays the new generation shows the love of the nation and supports patriotic principles, however, these same young individuals demonstrate a lack of appreciation for the historical and theoretical concepts of freedom of speech, of the press, or admiration of the critical significance of civil rights and popular rule. Patriotism unites an assorted population in distinguishing the ideals a society holds in common, but the sensation is no replacement for knowledge.

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