Are Human Beings Selfish?

Are you Selfish?

Will you let your best friend win a professional tennis match when you know that if you beat him or her you will advance to the next round or maybe lift the trophy along with millions of dollars? We have such examples around us and it is hard to believe that one cannot become selfish in such kind of situations. One of the examples is the William sisters. Both are genuine sisters but only off the tennis court or professional tennis life. On the court, these sisters are fierce rivals and can never let a golden opportunity slip away just because of the blood relationship. It is important to be selfish for your own means at times but if it turns in to sore relationships than one should give it a second thought and realize what is it about me that turn others against me. Selfishness is basically one’s habit of rewarding oneself gaining maximum benefits for only oneself and not caring much about others around. Following are certain real-life aspects that show why people everywhere are becoming more and more selfish.


Growing competition everywhere certainly makes people more selfish. The rewards and benefits people gain by competing and vying to get better and ahead of others motivate them to become selfish. If there is no competition among people for acquiring material gains as there was such system in communist nations such as China and USSR than being selfish will have no meaning but on the other hand, will result in lesser motivation among the individuals.


Capitalism is one of the basic reasons for turning people into selfish beings. People want to improve their living standards by acquiring more and more wealth at times through illegal means resulting in frustration and depression for those who have lesser means and power.

Fame and Popularity

The more successful you are professionally and financially the more fame you will have. As a sports person if you win every other match or tournament then you can be named as one of the best in the history of a particular sport gaining you maximum popularity and fame. Why do both the William sisters want to beat each other badly every time they face each other in a tennis match? Simply, because to have a mark left in the history of the sport and gain fame and popularity.

Being selfish is important in today’s world but one must bear in mind that he or she must do it in a legitimate way which is acceptable to the society.

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