1. The population I have chosen is children with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.

2a. No

2b. No

2c. Yes

2d. No

3. The appropriate method for sampling this population is a stratified randomized sample. Thus this research project calls for the use of a stratified sample, as described below:

There may often be factors which divide up the population into sub-populations (groups/strata) and we may expect the measurement of interest to vary among the different sub-populations. This has to be accounted for when we select a sample from the population in order that we obtain a sample that is representative of the population. This is achieved by stratified sampling.

A stratified sample is obtained by taking samples from each stratum or sub-group of a population.

When we sample a population with several strata, we generally require that the proportion of each stratum in the sample should be the same as in the population (

4. Yes

5. Yes

6. By using randomized sampling methods to choose within each stratum.

7. The selected members of each population will be surveyed; follow-up interviews will be conducted with selected individuals.

8. A randomized sample includes a margin of error, which might be considered to be a weakness. Any research based primarily on surveys also has the inherent weakness of being primarily descriptive rather than evaluative.

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