Schizophrenia” is a very vivid and symbolic poem, which is different from the typical poems of Jim Stevens, who mostly celebrated the northwestern culture and his admiration for nature are frequently found in his poetry and work. However, this poem is about the relationship between a husband and wife. How their disagreements and their hostility has changed the atmosphere of the house and the surroundings. Moreover, it is not just them, who are affected by their constant quarrels their house is the one most miserable.

From the start, the poem talks about the how the couple is not getting along and how there is slamming of doors and stamping of feet. What appears is that both the characters are angry at one another and are not shy about letting the other person know about their feelings. Especially the woman comes across as being very upset and is not afraid to show it through her actions:

Dishes slammed onto the table, /greasy stains spreading on the cloth.”(3-4)

So upset and angry is the woman that she does not even let him into their bedroom as he stands outside pleading to let him in. the house is neglected as dishes pile up and clothes are left unwashed. However, what has happened this time is different from what used to occur before. Fights always used to end up in reconciliation and apologies, which are missing this time. Now they are living in separate rooms sharing a house like strangers, neither caring for the well being of each other nor for the house.

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