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Religion is seen to be a set of beliefs which revolve around the cause, purpose and the nature of the universe. Religion is considered to be a set of beliefs particularly when it is used to consider the creation of not only superhuman agencies but agencies in general. It also involves observances which may be quite devotional and as part of a ritual. Religion usually contains moral codes which govern a human beings conduct and his affairs (Webster’s dictionary). Religion involves believing in a higher being which controls people’s lives and it is this higher being that decides what will happen to humans after their death. There exist around 21 major religions in the world today and each of the religions has its own denomination. Each of these denominations is formed from the major beliefs.

The religion of Christianity is responsible for having created 32 denominations. It is due to people having various beliefs and opinions that there exist so many different religions. The differences between the various denominations, however, are quite small. The major factor distinguishing these religions is whether or not the followers believe in Gods or not.
Many religions believe in the concept of creationism. Creationism is considered to be the belief which states that everything which we see today in the world has been created by either a single God or by a number of Gods who did so in order for us humans to…

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