Every firm needs employees who can make sure that the work is carried out in the business. The process of getting new employees for the business is known as recruitment. This process is carried out by the HRM department of any business.

Recruitment is extremely important for any organization as it helps in getting those employees who are up to the mark of what the firm requires. These people have the required qualities and characteristics which the HRM requires in the person whom they are willing to hire.

The recruitment process is used by the HRM department in order to able to employ those workers who will help the firm in meeting the objectives and goals it has set out to achieve. All the recruited employees are then required to work together and pool their efforts in order to ensure that the firm is able to meet its objectives. Recruitment is the only way through which the HRM department of any firm is able to select the right employees from amongst the massive number of people who always apply for a job. By using the correct and proper recruitment process, the HRM department of any firm is likely to be able to hire the best type of people for the job.

Some of the important aspects of recruitment are as follows:

  • It is the recruitment department (HRM) which is able to attract prospective candidates to apply for any position in the firm
  • It is a process by which the employees and the employer are linked to one another
  • It is by recruiting the deserving and well-qualified candidates that the HRM department is then able to select the best ones
  • It is able to determine what the future needs and requirements of the firm are likely to be as far as personnel are concerned
  • It helps in recruiting the correct type of people which increases the success rate of the selection process
  • By following through with a proper recruitment process, the HRM department is able to decrease the number of people leaving the job for another one

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