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This paper deals with qualitative research in form of grounded theory and action research as done by Shaffer and Hillman (2000) and Huxham and Vangen (2000) respectively. The first paper looks at how business-government relations are managed by conducting interviews and qualitative research from pre-selected firms, and how they deal with the internal conflict within different independent units of the organization. The second research is through use of action research to evaluate leadership through collaboration between different units using three factors; it is a holistic view of leadership in collaboration.

More lately qualitative research methods, such as grounded theory, have been become popular with researchers concerned with investigating, comprehending, and illumination organizational conditions human dealings. The aim of the grounded theoretical method an explanation of the inconsistency in social communications, the social structural situations that sustain the interactions, the costs of the interactions and the circumstances that support alteration in communications over time. The frequent behavioral basis that these human science research fields share with the study of within organizational context individual communication suggests that grounded theory is also a helpful method for application in the investigation of occurrences in this business and corporate setting. It was a carefully selected case study of three large corporations and informal interviews were conducted, as this research was more exploratory or sort of a discovery into a relatively newer relationship study, therefore, this methodology was used.

On the other hand, Huxham and Vangen (2000) have used action research, which is more of an interventionist approach. There is growing acknowledgment within industry and government that the image of societal, environmental, and economic sustainability relies on building social capability, as well as cost-effective and material assets. Therefore, government and industry proposals prompt bottom-up methods that aim to take account of local resources, data, and questions. A participatory approach breaks down the differences between policymaking, policy realization, research, extension, and interventionist practices. Interactive action research approaches intend to integrate these areas to make possible involvement and empowerment. This makes action research a method of acceptable inquiry.


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