President Bill Clinton’s Policy on Education

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Since 1993, new college tax credits and national service programs—as well as the greater availability of federal scholarships for low-income families—have opened the door to higher education for millions of students who otherwise could not afford it. The federal government will provide over $60 billion in 2001 aid, including the Hope Scholarship and Lifetime Learning tax credits, compared to only about $25 billion in 1993. Today, students are going to college in record numbers. (U.S. Dept. of Education, 2000, “Expanding College Opportunity”).

President Clinton proposed the Hope Scholarship and the Lifetime Learning tax credit, which compliments the Scholarship by promoting “lifelong education and worker

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training,”:  “In 1998, 2.6 million families received $2.6 billion in tax relief for higher education through the Hope Scholarship”; “In 1998, 2.3 million families saved $800 million on higher and continuing education through the Lifetime Learning credit,” (U.S. Dept. of Education, 2000, “Expanding College Opportunity”).  The Clinton Administration also expanded scholarships for needy students; for example, the administration “inherited a $2 billion funding shortfall in the Pell Grant program,” however, “this funding shortfall was eliminated—restoring this important program’s solvency—even while increasing the amount that the lowest-income students receive” (U.S. Dept. of Education, “Expanding College Opportunity”).

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