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Poverty race and crime are interrelated issues in our social structure. The reality is that racial and ethnic minorities form a large chunk of the people living in poor neighborhoods; in addition, they are the ones who are targeted as potential criminals more quickly and easily than their white counterparts. In this paper, I am not trying to prove that one causes the other, however, the idea is to try to see the links between the three interrelated issues, and the paper tries to decipher the linkages.


The increase in poverty can be attributed to a series of economic recessions; a leveling off of economic growth rates; technological development and economic globalization, which root the disappearance of many blue-collar manufacturing jobs and the formation of new jobs requiring high levels of skills and education; the decrease of unions and a decline in unionization. The net result of all of this was that a rising number of working-class families fell into poverty and a lot of already poor Americans became extremely poor. Government action and inaction also are partial causes. Mainly during the Reagan and Bush administrations, social programs and social investment fared badly. The value of income support programs declined. So did that of the federal minimum wage. Job and training programs and investments in education and infrastructure fell.

As a result, of these economic shocks and trends and of government inaction, there is more poverty in America now than there was thirty years ago. Today, 36.5 million Americans live in poverty, 13.7 % of our population, compared to 25.4 million poor, and 12.8 % of our people; Child poverty is greater, having grown by a fifth in the 1980s. The income gap between the rich and the rest of Americans the middle class, the working class, and poor people have developed wider. The average American family today has less real income than in the 1980s. Poverty is more concentrated now. In 1968, only about half of poor lived in metropolitan areas; three-fourths of them do today; 42 % of poor people now live in the core of inner cities.

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