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Political Socialization is the practice through which persons become conscious of beliefs of political traditions, political essentials, and political principles.  It happens through the influence of parents, media, associates, work and an assortment of other means.

Political Socialization signifies the method by which the fundamental standards of the political culture are conveyed from one age group to another. Through political socialization, people value, understand, and typically support the existing political arrangement. Political socialization is not a straightforward process and may not work for all of the people equally. Political society in America has maintained that certain groups of individuals were not complete parts of the political society.

Family, school, and work are three central effects in organizing individuals for their position in society. All through time individuals have been conscious of the importance of these organizations for politics. Philosophers and political scientists and observers have discussed the importance of the process of political socialization

Causes of socialization are the people by which political socialization is achieved. These groups include relatives, associates, colleagues, and associations. Agents of socialization may be classified into groups by their motivation and the strength of their power.

  • Primary groups are the driving force of socialization with which a person comes into the most regular contact. This grouping consists of family and friends. This group is usually consistent and often has the most direct authority.

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