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When my grade school teacher failed to live up to my expectations I realized I could read, that is when the door opened I started reading books, books on anything would fascinate me and when I started using our local library I understood that there was no limit to how much I could learn as there was so much information about everything that for a while I was overwhelmed. Reading became my secondary passion as my first still was the thirst for knowledge. I steadily read, not only informative books but also fiction as I grew my taste in books also became more refined, Comics never attracted me but I did like mysteries and detective books as the idea was to find the truth and I would always try to predict the end. Thus it was a world to me and although I was teased about it also, however the desire to know was so great that I kept on reading.

As I progressed through grades I started to realize what an asset this passion was as I knew a lot of stuff which other students did not and I did not even have to make an effort to find out as it was my passion and I enjoyed doing it. Now when I look at my adolescence I realize that in fact, I became also more aware and mature as in my curiosity I had exposed myself to so many things that would have stayed a mystery for a long time. It also instilled in me the habit of meticulously researching things and working very hard to make sure that the information being sought was correct. Thus indirectly this passion led to some positive developments in my personal growth.

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