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Parent involvement is time and again named as an important link for effective schooling. For almost a quarter of a century, a study on parental and family involvement has acknowledged that parents can do much to reinforce positive attitudes toward school, to prepare their children for school, and to support their children’s efforts once they are in school. Sadly, not all parents have the same level of input in school-home collaborations. Regardless of an increase in efforts to boost participation of culturally and linguistically diverse parents, there is still a lack of systematic efforts to include these parents effectively.

There is proof that family traditions concerning children’s education are more important for helping students succeed in school, and in general, that are family structure, socio-economic status, or uniqueness such as race, parent education, family size, and age of the child. In line with these studies, children tend to do well in school when their parents convey high hope for school achievement; stress the value of schooling; conduct warm, nurturing and frequent interactions with their children; and encourage a purposeful use of time and space (Clark, 1983).

Data from past and recent large-scale surveys have revealed that achievement differences between African American and white youngsters begin in elementary school and continue throughout all grade levels. This discrepancy in achievement is particularly distressing in light of current and expected shifts in the labor market toward jobs requiring higher skills and higher levels of education.

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