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Mythology and its definition have been taken from the word ‘myth’. The word ‘myth’ too is a word which has been developed from the word ‘mythos’ which is a Greek word meaning fables, legends and sagas. Myths are stories which try to help us understand the world which we have around us and these myths are generally passed down from one generation to the next (Lincoln).

It is a quality in humans to want to know more about things which are generally unknown and which are hard to explain. It is also due to humans having the desire to know everything that stories have been fabricated. Even though there are geographical barriers between cultures, certain myths have developed nonetheless which have basic elements such as the creation of humans, chaos, and explanations regarding natural phenomena. Mythology is something which can be referred to as a type of human nature however only a few people see myths as being something universal (Magoulick). Even though many myths have explanations for things which are generally unexplainable, the things which myths propose do not stand in collaboration with modern science. There, however, does exist basic theories of mythology. There is still no theory which is considered to be right or wrong…

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