Marketing Strategy for Astrazeneca

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Describe the market for gastroesophageal reflux disorder

Ulcers affected approximately 5 million Americans every year with in1 million requiring hospitalization. Experts calculate the 10%of the population will have an ulcer in their lifetime. They are estimated to cost the healthcare system more than $2 billion per year in direct costs and more than $500 million in indirect costs. So looking at the research it’s concluded that there is quite a room for the pharmaceutical industry to invest in this line.

Prilosec position in market

Zantac market share dropped from 41% in 1994 to less than 5% in 1998. Concurrent with Prilosec, Tap Pharmaceuticals Prevacid won an 18 percent market share partly as a result of a BTC campaign. Today Prilosec has about 35% of the total antiulcer prescription market, ahead of Prevacid’s 20%. Yet adopting a proper strategy can enable Prilosec to regain its market position.

Potential franchise extension strategies that are open to AstraZeneca

AstraZeneca Plc is fighting a two-front battle to prolong its lucrative heartburn and ulcer franchise, using the legal system to protect top-selling Prilosec from generic competition in the United States while aggressively marketing its new drug, Nexium.

The U.S. patent covering the original formulation of Prilosec – the world’s top-selling drug with more than $6 billion in sales in 2000, three quarters of it in the United States expired But, with a six-month extension of its market exclusivity to test the drug, the firm has bought itself some time to pursue legal arguments over additional patents to stave off competition from cheaper generic drugs.

The ramp-up in spending on Nexium comes as the drug giant prepares for a major trial against generic drugmakers over Prilosec.

You may have already begun to collect crucial patient information from Web sites and other points of interaction. Like the brands themselves, this data represents opportunity waiting to be seized. Many therapies require multiple medications. If you’re already selling one drug, why not promote the concomitant pharmaceutical?

AstraZeneca could sell promotional opportunities to the manufacturers of albuterol, a common concomitant medication. One can consider the potential value of direct marketing, either as a source of revenue from the concomitant’s parent company or as an opportunity to barter for cross-promotions.

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