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When running a business, it is essential for it is managed effectively. Effective management of a business leads to a profitable return on all resources used. Management is a function which is undertaken by the managers and people in the senior position of authority in the firm.

There are many functions which take place in a firm such as sales, finance, and marketing. Management too is part of the functions which take place in an organization. The term management does not generally refer to managing people. Management refers to making sure that the tasks assigned to everyone are carried out effectively and efficiently. Some people are good at carrying out tasks without being given proper directions. Others, however, need someone to guide them and to tell them how the work should be done; they need to be managed throughout the entire task in order to ensure that the work is done appropriately.

Management is a process which ensures that a business uses its resources effectively and in the best manner possible. Resources are generally very limited and should thus be used with utmost care. They should be used in a way which will generate the highest return and profits and this is basically what businesses strive for.

Managers who are involved in making that person in the firm work properly invest their resources into the business as well. These resources consist of their time and effort and the usage of their talent. Since the basic goal of management is to ensure that work is done efficiently, a manager must put all of his resources…

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