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What is the singular biggest strategic challenge to e-commerce marketing between countries?

The fundamental opportunity offered by the Internet is for suppliers to gain direct access to consumers, without the attendant costs associated with the maintenance of physical distribution channels – people, bricks, and mortar. In the electronic medium, competitors can emerge from anywhere in the world. They are not necessarily limited by geography. The strategic implications for all businesses are profound (especially for retailers and financial services organizations). The value chains of most markets will fundamentally change.

To survive, businesses must realize the importance of each of these technologies and the part each will play in facilitating this change. Markets and marketing concepts will change radically, driven by those companies who successfully rise to the challenge. Furthermore, we will see the emergence of integrated software products – actively sharing business processes, capture and be re-using customer information, along with the capability to communicate and transact business via modern communication mediums (the Internet).

The rise of the Internet (electronic commerce), since the advent of the World Wide Web, has provided an easy to use communication channel for businesses to contact current and potential customers. The emergence of the Internet as a general communication channel has also given rise to the possibility of widespread electronic commerce. Even though there is still much debate relating to electronic payment for commercial activities, this is clearly an area of growth.

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