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Zwingli stuck to a single theme throughout his arguments and writing. Still, this simple theology would form the conditions for the development of the more strict and radical forms of Protestantism and can still be heard in Christian churches around the world. In fact, Zwingli’s rather straightforward theology could be portrayed as the single most significant shift in religious culture in the sixteenth century.

Zwingli’s theology and morality were based on a single principle: if the Old or New Testament did not say something openly and factually, then no Christian should believe or practice it. This was the basis of his critique of indulgences. In 1522, for example, Zwingli mounted a protest against the fast at Lent, a standard Catholic practice. His argument was that New Testament says nothing about fasting at Lent so the practice is inherently unchristian. (Stephen, 1994)

Luther and Zwingli had a difference of opinion on Christ’s Last Supper. Zwingli denied any real association between the bread and wine and the body and blood of Christ. He believed that at the celebration of the Supper, which evoke to worshipers the words and actions of the Lord, Christ is with them by the power of the Holy Spirit. According to Zwingli, the bread and wine recall the Last Supper, but no metaphysical transform takes place in them.

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