Literature Review Outline

Words 500

  • Introduction: the role of the leader is very important in any organization, and this paper discusses various theories put forward related to the role leadership, its aims and objectives and different typed of leaders and how they lead.
  • Review: two major areas will be explored

  1. Leadership Role: how theoretically the role of the leader has evolved: from Tannenbaum and Schmidt (1958, 2001) theory of creating a balance between delegation and power, to Blanchard and Heresy’s (1969-1996) Leadership-lifecycle which evolved into Situational Leadership to Leadership Management Exchange evaluated by Schriesheim et al. (1996).
    1. How to choose Leadership Pattern: theory of creating a balance between delegation and power. Tannenbaum and Scmidt(1958, 2001)
    2. Effectiveness of leadership dependent on how much importance is given to followers. (Blanchard and Heresy, 1996)
    3. Quality of exchange between the leader and subordinate determines the effectiveness of leadership. (Schriesheim et al. 1996).
  2. Classification of Leaders: there are many types of leaders and different researchers have classified them according o their qualities and characteristics and actions and behaviors displayed by them. Three types of classifications will be discussed in an integrated way.
    1. Conger and Kanango (1987) put forward a framework, which describe Charismatic leaders and differentiates them from others.
    2. Kunhart and Lewis (1987) on the other hand discuss Transactional and Transformational Leaders.
    3. Fiedler and Mahar (1979) contingency model: task-motivated and Relationship motivated Leaders

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