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Kashmir dispute is not a recent conflict; it is an ongoing tussle between the two countries India and Pakistan for over fifty years. As always it is a case of struggle for independence by a majority and the insistence of India that Kashmir is an integral part of the country, the role played by Pakistan is controversial, as it backs the freedom fighter or the terrorists as claimed by India. The conflict is seemingly irresolvable as appears from the surface. While some contend that Kashmiri distinctiveness goes beyond religion and is based on region, shared culture and, others have noted that, in response to external and internal events, Kashmiri identity has increasingly fragmented by the dispute. This paper takes an in-depth look at the struggle, the issues, and the motivations driving both the Indians and the Pakistanis, and considers the viewpoint of the Kashmiris. As would be revealed during the course of the paper, the ideal solution would be a joint rule by Pakistanis and the Indians, somewhat similar to the status of Cyprus, between the Greeks and the Turks.

Background Information


Kashmir is located in the heart of south-central Asia amongst the most populous countries of the world. It shares a border with China, Afghanistan, India and Pakistan Kashmir once known as “paradise on earth,” home to vast wildlife reserves including some species so rare they existed only in Kashmir, are now rapidly falling victim to the desolation which has included much of this piece of land.

Political History in Colonial Times

For nearly two centuries, Central Asia has been a chessboard. In 1819, Kashmir, Muslim since the reign of the Moguls, was attacked by Indian Sikhs led by British advisors. In 1847, the British sold the entire realm of Kashmir land and people to a Hindu maharajah, Gulab Singh, for seven and a half million gold rupees (about 75 million dollars).

Queen Victoria retained sovereignty, but the maharajah took rule over its Muslim tribesmen in the high Karakoram, over 100,000 square miles of towering peaks and glacier fields between the Indian plain and the frontier deserts of western China and the Tibetan plateau.

Until August 1947, the autocratic rule of the Hindu maharajah of Jammu and Kashmir was agitate by the oversight of the British viceroy in Calcutta and later Delhi in the same way that the British ruled the other 564 feudal monarchies of the vast Indian subcontinent, whose area comprised two-fifths of India and a population of 99 million.

Nevertheless, after World War II, an exhausted Great Britain no longer had the political will or the financial resources to carry on as an imperial power in a world where imperialism had become a dirty word. With the election of a Labour Party government in London in May 1945, Britain finally decided to an independent India, and wartime hero Lord Louis Mountbatten was named the “last viceroy” to supervise the transition to independence.

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