When the HRM department of any firm decides on recruiting employees for its firm, the first thing which they must create is a job analysis. A job analysis is a type of questionnaire which contains information regarding the type of job which needs to be filled. It includes in it information about what the requirements for a particular job are such as what skills are required, the education which the employee must possess in order to do the job and what qualifications he/she should be having in order to qualify for a particular job.

Since many people tend to apply for a vacancy at a firm, it is only the person considered to be the most qualified and experienced who is likely to get the position. A job analysis can help in distinguishing as to which of the candidates succeed for the job and are the most suited for it.

A job analysis fulfills two important functions for any firm. These are:

  • A job analysis is able to identify what the requirements of a particular job are. It tells what a certain candidate would have to do if he/she got the job-what kind of responsibilities, duties, and work would have to be carried out by him/her. It is due to these tasks that a certain job exists.
  • The other function a job analysis plays is that it identifies what skills, knowledge, and capabilities a candidate would be required to have in order to qualify for the position being offered. Would he need to have a master’s degree?  Would he need to have prior working experience in that field? All these things would be contained in the job analysis. By identifying what skills and abilities are required for a certain job, the HRM department is able to distinguish as to who is the most qualified candidate for the job.

Making a job analysis is usually part of what the HRM department of any firm carries out. They deal with employees and know which position is empty and which needs individuals to fulfill the position. It is then up to them to recruit the best candidate for the job.

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