The supply chain has the greatest potential for disrupting a company’s operations and for declining revenues. A onetime failure in the supply The supply chain has the greatest potential for disrupting a company’s operations and for declining revenues. A onetime failure in the supply chain can take a company up to 2 years to completely recover and make up for all losses. The most common supply chain management challenges that Rolls-Royce could face in its international supply chain would be Not being able to put in the appropriate metrics for the effective supply of the management chain. Rolls-Royce has more than 18,000 vendors all around the world with around 1,000 personnel who manage to purchase. To earn the best grades in your Dissertation, Thesis and college assignments you should choose an academic writing service that will meet your best writing needs.

Because of the size and nature of the supply market, a large number of suppliers and a very wide geographical spread increases the complexity of the purchasing process. The company must avoid disputes regarding the appropriate metrics between supply chains, product lines or departments. The can be done by having a set standard of definitions and calculations because having too few or too many metric standards creates complications for both suppliers and the company. This occurs because of the nature and the size of the supply market, the large number of suppliers and a very large geographical region which has increased the complexity of the process.

One major problem faced by Rolls Royce and most large companies are how to organize their best resources and in the most convenient and logical sequence. The company must employ its trouble shooters to concentrate on problems that can affect the supply chain the most. The largest problems that companies face a lack of standard approach, internal politics, not having fact based prioritization, capabilities/skills that only some key individuals possess. The best thing to do is have everyone use the same software on set standards. Whatever the company wants to achieve, like reducing costs or inventory, or would like to increase response to market change or plug gaps in employee performance they must use tried and tested metrics and problem solving techniques with “SCOR” which has proved to implement the best problem solving techniques.

The largest challenge and risk faced by Rolls Royce is dealing with a large variety of products and services in the purchase of several hundred products and services from a complicated global network of suppliers, manufacturers, transporters and many other people and organizations. The solution obviously lies in the use of the M4SC framework which has been developed for handling these types of problems. To handle the issues effectively, the company must segment its products and suppliers to maintain the right supply chain strategy, processes, resources and networks. This must be combined with the appropriate education and training of employees and adopting M4SC and SCOR fundamentals


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