The HRM (Human resource management) department of your company is an important part of the business as it is responsible for recruiting people who have the necessary skills and abilities which are required for a specific job. If the HRM department of your company is strong, it is likely that your business will lead to success.

In order to keep your business on the road to success, you need to have certain policies and theories. These theories will be essential in putting your business on the right track. These theories will help in improving the skills of your managers and make them work even harder. This article will discuss 2 theories which are important HRM theories.

  • Theory X: theory X suggests that the managers and employees of your firm do not like working and they will avoid it if possible. Due to this reason, you will have to pay more attention to the type of work your employees carry out and you will have to supervise them constantly. This theory requires a lot of control to be asserted by the top management. The only way to which workers can be motivated to work harder is if you offer them a certain reward or incentive for the good job which they produce. This is the only way you can actually get them to work and be productive for your business.
  • Theory Y: theory Y is the total opposite of theory X. This theory suggests that the workers like to work and will do more work any chance they get. These types of employees in your firm are likely to be self-motivated and self-drive to do better. They have a sense of responsibility, direction, and self-control due to which will be able to progress and do well for your business. These type of workers need to be given freedom to work in their own way which is the only way in which they will produce excellent results for your company and bring about a positive change.

Each person works differently and manages things differently. When hiring people, you need to ensure that you hire people who will fit your environment and do well at the same time.

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