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According to Ford’s research shows that eighty-nine percent of customers considering a Ford C-MAV focus want the best of both worlds which refers to space, flexibility, car-like driving quality and above all style. The focus is targeted at customers who want a five-seat, elegantly styled family car with the availability of flexible seating to provide even more room when two adults are in the back seats that are watching the children.  And, as far as safety is a concern, the focus has ISO Fix fixings for a child seat, which will keep the child safe. Other than this safety feature that, it offers others that will keep everyone secure.  This safety feature of the focus includes ABS with mechanical brake assistance, six airbags: side, and three-point seat belts with load-limiting retractors (Ford). In other words, the Focus makes a better car for a low-income family who needs flexible seating and more safety features than the Honda Civic has to offer them since the airbags will not deploy right away.

As for the engine is concerned, the Ford Focus has the Honda civic beat again.  The focus has two all-new common-rail turbo-diesel engines and a Duarte HE petrol engine which makes it run smoothly. However, driving the Honda Civic is like having a car with two engines.  First,  the engine pulls happily from 1500rpm to 5900rpm without difficulty, and after this moment the engine transforms into a furious beast machine until the rpm rises very fast to the redline of 7900, but with less noise than other Hondas (Honda).  Therefore, the Ford focus seems to be a better choice of cars for a low-income family since they would not be able to afford to continue to do work on the Honda Civic.

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