The human resource department is often considered to be the most important part of any organization. It can be considered as an asset which the firm owns. Every human resource department of a firm works in a different way and treats their employees in different ways as well. The way in which employees are treated and arranged in a firm is what affects their work performance and participation in the firm. They can be treated in a way which either inhibits their performance or exhibits it.

Even though many firms have tried to move away from the more rigid and inflexible type of organizational structure, results have not always been positive. However, in this day and age, the way employees are handled is extremely crucial as it is usually the employees of a firm which makes the firm a success.

The HRM deals with two models-the soft model and the hard model. The HRM models are mostly seen as a style in which the employees are handled by the firm. This can be defined as well as measured. When considering the two approaches, in this article we will be talking about the hard model of HRM.

In the hard approach to HRM, workers are seen as commodities and resources just like any other factor of production-land, capital, and enterprise. The workers are rarely treated well by the superiors and when they are treated well, it is usually because of a shortage of workers or wanting to achieve the goals set by the firm’s management.

Hard HRM is also known as strategic management. The main focus of the hard HRM is:

–          Emphasis on the strategies which are used: what strategies the HRM department uses in order to achieve its goals

–          It works on making sure that the strategy of the business and the goals of the business fit one another.

–          It focuses on keeping the workforce active and makes sure they meet the requirements of the firm. It also ensures that costs are kept to a minimum and places control mostly in the hands of the upper management.

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