Film Review

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In a single sentence state the central conflict of the film. Describe either one line of dialog or a single shot that exemplifies the central conflict of the film.
The central conflict in the film is that each person in this movie is duty bound to stick with the family and whether right or wrong do anything to protect it.

In what scene is the climax of the film exemplified?
The turning point or the climax of the movie is when Don Corleone refuses to deal in drug business and the fight which is sparked off with the Tattaglia family, they try to assassinate Don Vito but are unsuccessful, and Michael the youngest son, who is a war veteran and a law student, and is not involved in the family business, visits his father in the hospital. When he gets there, he finds no police and none of his father’s men guarding him. Michael recognizes that his father is being set up for another murder attempt, and gets him shifted to another room. He tells his father “I’m here. I’m with you now,” here he convinces his father that he cannot remain uninvolved and be a part of the family will do anything to help him.

Briefly, describe what you feel is the ‘resolution’ of the film
The resolution of the film is that whatever comes each and every person becomes involved in the organized crime, even if they want to stay away they simply cannot.

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