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In going into the medical field, a student would want a Gateway Computer since it provides good hardware and software for its customers who are in need.  Gateway is a national brand which means customer service is not to come by.  And, by being a medical student, there will be long and hard hours to get their studies done that could lead to future computer problems during late all nighters which customer service could help at those awkward times.  Gateway has great hardware options for their clients and the seventeen-inch monitor is perfect for a pre-med student because the data will be big enough to see on the screen and that is very important since one little mistake can lead to a failure in the class along with medical school. The CPU is very fast if the student would like the material that they have to learn is a lot and complicated to learn to become a medical professional.  And, it is obvious that the Gateway software is easy to use along with to install.  In other words, if a person is going into the medical field, the Gateway computer is the best choice to use because of the service, hardware, and software it provides for its customers.

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