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Every business needs someone to be in charge of whatever goes on in the firm. Every business hires managers who are responsible for making sure that all tasks in the business are performed according to the standard of the business.

It does not matter as to what type of business it is; every business requires a manager. This is because the manager is responsible for the planning, organizing, leading and the controlling of the employees and tasks of the business. Without a proper management of all these functions, it is unlikely that a business will do well and succeed. Due to this purpose, the manager should also be aware of what his work is and what he is expected to do.

The manager of almost every organization has similar tasks. In order for a manager to lead a business toward success, planning, organizing, leading and effective control are all important. Each of these has its own particular function which is vital to the success of the firm. This essay will talk in detail about the functions the manager must perform in a firm and how these functions should be undertaken.

The first and foremost concept involved in management is that of planning. In this, a manager must devise what the goals of the firm are and where the organization is headed. The manager needs to have an idea and a plan as to how he will lead the firm toward success and make it achieve the goals which have been set out by the senior people in authority. The information and…

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