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Another recent example is that of the cartoons of the prophet of Islam published by a Danish Newspaper and reprinted by others in Europe. These cartoons are being protected by the proponents of freedom of speech who believe that freedom of expression is absolute. I do not think that freedom of expression should be absolute if for instance, someone makes fun of the Holocaust victims, there would be a lot of controversies and a large number of people will be offended. In my opinion, these things are done out of pure maliciousness in order to provoke people, if the government is able to exercise some kind of regulation so that no one’s sentiments or beliefs are affected it prevents a lot of unrest turmoil and totally avoidable situations.

Proponents of freedom of expression may not agree with my opinion but I believe that it is very important to understand and accept the fine line that exists between what is art and what is not and since art is not something absolute but a relative term having different connotation for different people, this defining of boundaries and regulating art is not a very simple issue a lot of things have to be considered before any step can be taken or any opinion can be formed, but as in the case of the Danish Newspaper the newspaper did have the opportunity to exercise this discretion and stop the publication of the cartoons but the oversight on their part has lead to a lot of people being offended.

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