Formation of Judaism, Christianity and Islam: Essay

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Because – at least two members of their own communities of faith – both Muhammad and Jesus are vessels for the divine, it is sometimes forgotten that they both lived moral lives and that their experiences – like the experiences of any person – influenced their ministries when they became adults. But in both cases, their early lives can be seen to have helped to form the base of their religious work and thus of the religions that they are so intimately connected with.

Mohammed was born in Mecca to the clan of Hashim, which was a poor but still respected branch of the highly prestigious tribe of Quraysh. His position as even a minor member of this prestigious tribe (in a society in which tribal identity was paramount) helped him later in life because it gave him a certain status within the larger society.

Mohammed was orphaned early in life – his father dying even before he was born and his mother died when he was only six. These events no doubt tended to make him as a child even shyer and withdrawn and so more inclined to spend his time thinking that might have been the case had he grown up in a family with both parents alive and numerous sisters and brothers.

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