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Government administrators, sociologists, and society have all long disregarded the dilemma of prisoner sexual assault. However, the emerging concern and calls for improvement regarding this “problem in the prisons persist in modern years (Amnesty International, 2001). Prison researchers and analysts have made many advances in the study of inmate sexual assault and have called for substantiated changes in correctional strategy since the 1960s. For almost forty years, a handful of researchers have conducted prison sexual assault studies to give administrators with facts about the incidence and dynamics of sexual assault in prison. These same individuals have given various remedies and elucidation for dealing with this vital and critical issue.

Incidence of Sexual Abuse by Female Inmates

There have been several recent studies of coercive sex among female inmates. Struckman-Johnson and Struckman-Johnson (1999, 2000) surveyed a taster of 263 inmates from three Midwestern prisons. They found subjective rates of sexual coercion and rape in women’s prisons, with a bulk of incidents being committed by female inmates. In some organizations, staff members were accountable for 20% to 50% of the offenses. The largest institution which also had a greater ethnic diversity, more barracks and dormitory-style housing and inmates convicted of violent crimes exhibited the maximum rate of coercion.

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