How Family Presence during CPR Reduces Doubts

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Family presence reduces doubts about what is being done to their loved ones and creates a kind of bond and relationship between the family and the staff. Meyers and colleagues (2000) found that being present during CPR reduced family members’ fear of the unknown about procedures and patient status. One study (Lancet, 1998) recommended that family presence facilitated the association between the medical staff and the family, improving communication when the pronouncement of death had to be presented to the family. In addition to the constructive emotional effect, allowing the family to be present at life-saving efforts of loved ones.

May [strengthen] the bonds between staff and families and [alleviate] many of the doubts that could prompt a lawsuit.”(Back and Rooke, 1994, p.35)

Although many apprehensions have been articulated concerning family presence during resuscitative efforts, the custom of allowing family members the option of presence has been revealed to improve contact between family members and the medical team. Presence offers family members with the awareness that everything possible was being to save the loved one and assists with the grief process. In another study, Warren (1993) found that “as the family’s perceived severity of the patient’s condition increased, the family’s need to see the patient also increased.”

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