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For some `God’ is a thought made-up by people, for others a power and for some a Being. People place it within themselves, believe it equivalent to the recognized creation or say He exists sovereign and outside the universe. God is both beyond and within the world, both Maker as active Sustainer of the humanity. The knowledge of God achievable by balanced deduction however insufficient and flawed it may be is as accurate and suitable as any other portion of knowledge we have.

The cosmological argument looks to establish the reality of God from the information that the universe is present. The universe came into being at a spot in the remote past. Nobody can come into existence, while, except there is something to take it into existence; nothing comes from nothing. There has to consequently be some being external to the universe that brought about the universe into existence. This case shows the existence of a Creator that goes beyond time that has neither start nor end.

The cosmological argument is the claim that the existence of the earth or universe is sound proof for the existence of a God who formed it. The existence of the universe, the argument maintains, prevails in need of clarification, and the only sufficient reason for its existence is that God created it.

Like nearly all of the alleged evidence of the existence of God, the cosmological argument exists in a number of forms. Two forms of the argument are most popular the temporal, kalam cosmological argument (the first cause argument), and the modal “argument from contingency”.

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