Assignment Task: For this project, your task is to analyze the chosen organization/industry. You must identify, with examples, whether your chosen firm is a leader, niche player or follower in its industry/market and once you have done this you must analyze, at an in-depth level, the organization’s environment and what are its competitive strategies now and what options it may have for the long run.

Within this you are to Section 1:  Critically discuss the way in which strategic planning can benefit your chosen organization.   Critically discuss the role of environmental analysis (internal & external – macro/micro), as part of the strategic planning process.

Undertake an environmental analysis (internal & external – macro/micro) using different tools discussed in the module, which will be used to inform the rest of the report.

Section 2:   Prepare an evaluation report, of your findings, via a SWOT (from Section 1) – you should highlight what the analysis reveals about your chosen organization.

Section 3:  Finally, make recommendations on the future direction of the firm, for the medium-long term of the organization (3-5 years).

Section 4:   Using appropriate change management theory, discuss how employees can be best managed to transition through a period of strategic change and commitment to it could be achieved.

You are also asked to provide an Executive Summary which should briefly encapsulate your whole assignment. (plus a company background both c200 words maximum, not included in the word count).


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